Welcome to the
heart of Seville
at home
Colours, light, ambience
The best
flamenco live shows

A space brimming over with charm in the
heart of Seville

The Hotel Alcantara is a delightful guest house located in the very heart of Seville’s former Jewish neighbourhood, Barrio Santa Cruz, the city’s historical and monumental area, where all of her beauty and mystery come to life.

Opened in 2002, it was initially located in the former service quarters and vegetable garden of a Fifteenth Century stately home.

In 2013 we have added the main residence to our installations. The walls which surround it, the coffered ceilings and wooden panelling, the atmosphere laden with history endow the hotel with a unique local flavour combined with comfortable installations bathed in natural light.

The tranquillity on offer in unrivalled surroundings, a stone’s throw away from the emblematic monuments of the Giralda and the Cathedral, coupled with the personalised handling of our guests’ needs, make this corner of the centre of Seville a place you will wish to return to.